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Intuitive Angel Therapy
Many years ago when I started doing Reiki I began to feel "Angelic Presences" in my sessions. Since this was new to me I started reading and taking classes on Angels. I always feel guided and helped by my Angels as I move forward in my life. They have helped me to maneuver through some difficult times when my "thinking mind" needed inspiration and help to see things from a different and loving perspective.
If you would like a personal session to connect to your Angels I am happy to be your guide. I am forever grateful, and honored, to be able to work with the Angels and to help others to connect to their light.  

The Angels are messengers of God and are always with us. They love to help and guide us on our life path, we need only to ask. Connecting to their Love is a wonderful , and life affirming way to live. They see all the possibilities for us and never judge us... They are filled with only COMPASSION  and LOVE...  

I offer  Private In-Person Angel Therapy Sessions that can be combined with your energy and or crystal healing sessions. 

You may come prepared with specific questions you wish to ask the Angels or we can discover together what messages the Angels have for you... 

Angel Practitioner Certification

When: Saturday, 12/8/18
1 Day Certification Class         
Time: 8:45am-5:30pm
Where: Private Residence in Ladera Ranch

Cost: $210.00  (Deposit is $100 to reserve your space)         
Balance due on the first day of class 

Have you always wanted to learn how to connect and work with the Angelic Realm? Then now is the time to become certified as an Angel Practitioner with Reiki Orange County.

Julie has been a Certified Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner for over 10 years and has worked with the Angels daily both for herself and others. She now offers this training and certification for others.

In this Class you will:
  •   Learn the basics about Angel Therapy and how to align yourself with the Angelic Realm.
  •   Learn how to provide beautiful Angelic messages for yourself and others. 
  •   Experience several personal Angelic Healing Journey’s with the Archangels. 
  •   Work with your Angels to cut “Energetic Cords” that rob you of your peace and joy.  
  •   Learn and practice giving “Angel Card Sessions” .Receive your own Angel Card Deck to     take home for helping you to connect with the Angels after the class.
  •   Be prepared to be able to facilitate "Angel Party's for your friends and family.

To Reserve Your Space Contact:
Julie Russell, Certified Advanced Angel Intuitive

Ladera Ranch/South Orange County
Call 949.370.7592
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