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Reiki Crystal Healing Class
Many years ago I was blessed to take the Reiki
Crystal Healing Classes at Peace Place in Sedona.
Since that time I have spent many hours using what
I was taught, and found the information to be effective and invaluable in my practice of offering Reiki Crystal Healing Sessions. I am pleased to offer this class here in Southern California.

Combining Reiki and crystal healing energy, can enhance and strengthen both modalities.

If you are a Reiki II Practitioner or above and would like to expand your knowledge of crystals, this class is for you!

Reiki Crystal Healing Practitioner Certification   
Where: Mission Viejo- Private Residence
Time: 9:00-6:00pm each day

April 21-22 (Class is Full)
November 3-4

Cost: $525.00/ Deposit $275.00 to hold your space.
(Open to all Reiki II Practitioners and above)

Class includes: 30 page comprehensive class manual/Certificate of training and crystal kit including  All 64 stones needed for the exercises in class and is yours to keep!
In this crystal healing course you will learn:
  • How to balance and activate the chakras
  • How to clear the aura and strengthen the etheric field
  • How crystal energy can cleanse the mental and emotional field
  • How to use crystal energy and Reiki to develop healthy mental and emotional processes.
  • How to work with crystals to send healing energy to the earth
  • Methods to step out of ego and into higher consciousness
  • How to cleanse, program and nurture your crystals
  • 3 powerful crystal healing layouts
  • An introduction to crystal grids for distant healing

Receive Symbols that help you to align with the crystalline energy...
Become Certified as a Reiki Crystal Healing Practitioner
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Julie Russell

Ladera Ranch/South Orange County

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