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Intuitive Life Coaching with Reiki, Hypnosis and Guided Imagery
Individualized Heart Centered Programs 
Connect To...
"Great Possibilities"
 Over the years I have observed first hand the power of "Energy   Therapy and Visioning Modalities" to assist people to change their lives in amazing ways. Intuitive Life Coaching creates the space where old ways of "Being" can be released as new pathways are developed.

You will experience shifts in old patterns/thoughts and behaviors through the use of Energy Therapy, Guided Imagery and Hypnotherapy. Together we unlock the potential that is hidden within. You will learn to listen to your own "Intuitive Wisdom" and experience your life with a new depth and meaning. When we relax the conscious mind and allow the unconscious mind to take in new positive suggestions new pathways of "being" are developed. During these sessions we work together so that you can connect to your own inner wisdom, peace and joy.
Cost for Session:
Connecting to Your Health
Intuitive Life Coaching Session
This type of session will take you to healthy mind/body connections. We will intuitively listen to your body to learn what it needs for you to experience and maintain optimum states of health. The sessions will include energy work, guided imagery and hypnosis techniques that will empower you in living in ways that support your health. It will feel
joyful and fun to take care of yourself in all great ways!
Emotional Freedom/Motivation/Self Confidence 
Intuitive Life Coaching Session
This session will help you to explore thoughts and belief systems that may be barriers to creating the life you really want. I will support you in releasing these old patterns by using Energy Therapy, Guided Imagery and Hypnosis techniques that create new healthy pathways in your physical/mental and emotional systems. Watch as you begin to experience your life in new and magnificent ways.
Spiritual Journey
Intuitive Life Coaching Session
This session will transport you into higher levels of spiritual development and awareness. You will learn how to work with your "higher self" and to experience and connect to higher states of consciousness. Enjoy this grand adventure into the  realms of the soul. We will journey into the inner places within all of us that hold our true nature of love, acceptance and light. We will work together for you to connect to your spirit and soul thru the use of energy therapy, guided imagery and hypnosis.
What to expect:
We will develop your session according to the issues you wish to work on.
Each session will include a combination of the modalities listed below. 
Techniques Used in the sessions will include:

  • Therapeutic Guided Imagery and Clinical Hypnosis
  • Reiki/ Sound Healing/Crystal Healing and Intuitive Life Coaching
  • A series of 2-3 session is recommended for the best result

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    Julie Russell RN,LRMT,CC,CHt.
Intuitive Life Coaching

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