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Reiki For Animals

I LOVE animals! I have had animals in my life since I was a child and they have always brought me so much peace, love and joy.

When I started doing Reiki I often gave Reiki to my animals. Being able to "tune in" to their energy fields and feelings has helped me to understand what they needed and prevented medical complications. 

I decided to add this page to my website since many people ask me about using Reiki with animals. Reiki is a wonderful modality for helping animals. Reiki can also help you to have a much deeper and profound experience with your animals too.

I am forever grateful that I can now "tune in" to the animals and sense what they are needing and wanting in their lives.

For me animals are sentient beings. They live their lives sensing the energy around them. Many of them are very attached to "their people" and are happy to help their human family to connect to the world in heart felt ways. Even the presence of animals can help humans to change their emotions, feelings and fears. It is no wonder to me why "Pet Therapy" has become such a highly regarded therapy.

Many of my students decide to learn Reiki to help their animals. They often report that their animals respond well and that often chronic conditions improve. The need for medication is sometimes decreased or no longer needed at all. They report feeling more deeply connected to their animals and that they intuitively understand their needs more easily. This has been my experience too! So if this is something you have been wanting to be able to do too, Reiki will help you to develop these skills.

In my experience Reiki can help you to clear your thinking mind and to expand your intuitive listening skills so that you can become like "Dr, Doolittle" ... It has been such a blessing for me to be able to understand what animals are wanting or needing.

Here are a few examples... 

On one occasion my dog Marley was acting ill when I returned home from work. When I scanned his energy field I felt he had a block in his intestine. I intuitively knew if he did not get medical care quickly he could die. I took him to our vet who did an x-ray but nothing was found. I told the vet to do surgery on him anyway because I just knew he had something in his intestine.
Luckily the vet agreed to do the surgery. He indeed had an obstruction. He had swallowed a large cloth shoestring from one of his dog toys! It was removed from his intestine and within a few days he was back to his old self.

Our dog Lucy loved to run in the park! The only problem was after a run she would sometimes begin to limp. When we took her to the vet he would prescribe her a steroid to take down the inflammation in her back leg which would help until she would run again. After this occurred several times I started to give her Reiki on her back legs after she exercised. I was so happy to see how effective this treatment was for her. No more steroids! Only Reiki and the pain and stiffness always went away within hours. Problem solved!

A friend of mine bought a horse and asked me to come give her new horse Reiki and tune in to her. As I gave her horse Reiki I felt the horse was very happy to be with her and her daughter and that she saw herself as a type of guardian and healer for the family. She has now been with them for over a year and this is exactly what she has become to them. She has helped them to heal issues of emotional pain, to be more present in their lives, and to open their hearts. While I was their that day several other owners asked me to work with their horses too. Most of the animals loved getting Reiki and many of the horses had special requests or messages for their owners too. After that day at the stables several of the owners decided to learn Reiki too so that they could develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with their animals.

I also have used Reiki when I go to animal rescue facilities. It is wonderful for me to give the animals a gift of love as they recover from their traumatic injuries. This is another way you can use Reiki in a helpful and loving way. If you have been looking for a way to help the animals learning Reiki may be just what you have been looking for.

Please contact me for more specific information about Reiki and Animals.
I do offer Intuitive Animal Reiki sessions in-person or long distance when requested.

Julie Russell RN, LRMT, CC
Animal Reiki Practitioner / 949.370.7592